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How is everyone?

How are finding getting back into Castings / Auditions and life in general? Easy, difficult, com see com sah?

Sometimes when the new year hits and we hope that our careers get back on track just as quickly! with auditions and castings flowing in…

We are not an ageist agency, we have clients who’s age range is from 19 years old through to 64 years old.

What we have noticed is that the younger generation are slightly more fussier about what they wish to be submitted for to the point of not wanting to attend auditions and castings which have been set up.

The older generation are more “old school” as in, they will attend auditions / castings that suit their casting bracket because even though they might not be right for the role, every so often, the casting team / Directors involved in the project have asked the individual there and then at the casting or audition if they’d like to audition for another project! Yes believe it or not, this kind of thing still happens.

A door which we didnt even think was there, has been opened for another unofficial opportunity to occur.

“Sometimes” the younger generation give the impression that they deserve to be submitted ONLY for TV and Film because they believe thats where the fame and fortune lies!

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE STARBUCKS people! An audition, A Casting is AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THINGS TO DEVELOP AND HAPPEN when we least expect it.

Turning down an audition and Lying about why you cannot attend, is not the one,  because it causes a huge negative effect on the agency. To the point where casting directors will stop calling in clients (any) for castings or auditions because then that agency will get a bad name for having unreliable clients.

So think on people, the next time your agent calls you stating you have an audition or a casting, and you decide not to go…

then YOU WILL GO!!

PMA London

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