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PMA London works with talented Actors and Actresses as well as Casting Directors in the Television, Feature Film, West End and Corporate genres.

The PMA London team works seven days a week and are highly regarded by our clients as honest, hardworking and effective.

PMA LONDON have been the perfect agents for me, a new graduate entering this industry. Both Linda and Chanel took a lot of time and interest finding out about me as a person, my casting and my career goals. Every opportunity I have been put up for has been carefully selected by them, they don't submit me for projects Im not suited for (like a lot of agents do)! They know me well enough to know what's right for me to give me the best chance of booking the job and making a lasting impression. Linda's vast knowledge of the industry also is great for career advice and feedback. I feel with PMA LONDON, I am still learning as an actor, always giving feedback on self tapes and advice before auditions. Im very excited to see where my career will lead with this fantastic team behind me. "

Rianna Ash | Actor / Puppeteer

PMA London are my family within the industry! From the very first moment when I walked into my first meeting with PMA London, not only my head was saying yes but more importantly my heart....no matter what the future holds I know both Linda and Chanel will guide my career in the right way to reach the highest of heights...and to be honest who can you trust more then family!"

Elliott Rodriguez | Actor / Physical Theatre

PMA London what can I say… They are simply the friendliest and best agency to work with. It is more of a family than an agency. They go above and beyond their duties as agents, giving a truly personalised service. They are always on hand to contact and a joy to do so. Linda and Chanel are both a real hoot! The joking and laughing starts as soon as you walk through the door and doesn’t ever stop. One word: Sublime."

Alastair Willy | Actor

I have been represented by PMA London for a few months now and I can honestly say that they are the most supportive, caring and efficient agency that I have ever worked with. It has been everything that I had imagined and more! Linda strives to go above and beyond what is expected of an agent and her attitude towards her work and the industry is simply inspiring and motivating. Linda always makes the time for her clients wether it's early in the morning or late at night. I am thrilled and proud to be represented by such an amazing agent."

Viquichele Cross | Singer Actor Dancer

Since we joined PMA LONDON from the first meeting till now, the warmth and sincerity we receive is amazing. Linda and the team are always available for an encouraging chat and their professionalism, enthusiasm and understanding sets them apart from other agents. Linda and Chanel are totally focused on Zeina's career, well being and success as much as we are. They always have Zeina's best interests at heart with added encouragement, drive and complete support. We really feel we have found the best representation in the industry as we have found more than just an agent, but a complete partnership. "

Zeina Addahadin (and Fiona)! | Actor / Singer / Dancer

Is is an absolute pleasure working with PMA LONDON. I have no doubt that Linda and Chanel totally have my back. Unlike with past agents, I feel completely comfortable contacting them and know that they are just a phone call away. They have got me in the room for some fantastic auditions and castings and most importantly have the confidence in me that I sometimes doubt in myself. I would highly recommend joining PMA LONDON. "

Lucinda Davidson | Actor

In the short time Ive been signed to the team at PMA LONDON, I have never once been made to feel a question or career objective is silly or unachievable. They are an incredibly hardworking and supportive agency who I believe really listen to and aim to serve their clients needs. I look forward to continuing to work together for as long as they'll have me! "

Alexandra Donnachie | Actor / Writer

One of the best things about PMA London is that they work 24/7. They don't clock off at 6pm like other agencies. They keep working into the night so that you get your information or sides as soon as possible, meaning you have the most amount of time to prepare yourself for your audition or casting. They help wherever they can, I had my first TV casting back in August and to make sure I was as comfortable as possible, Linda ran my lines with me and gave lots of advice. "

Katie Finch | Actor / Singer / Dancer

PMA LONDON is a family. I feel constantly supported and motivated with expert guidance on hand to help me build the career I want and achieve my goals. They are the hardest working agents I know! Signing to PMA LONDON has been one of the best decisions I have made. "

Dominic Blight | Actor

From the first time I met Linda and Chanel at PMA London, I knew they were the agents for me! Their support and commitment to client success and happiness always goes above and beyond and it is an absolute pleasure to be represented by such a dream team! "

Ellie Hanson | Actor/ Singer / Dancer

Since I signed with PMA London, I have had a steady stream of auditions in many areas of the industry. My first job came just hours after signing with them (for a Bollywood Feature Film). They are always just a phone call away and make me feel like I am their only client! "

Juan Douglas | Actor / Singer

Working with PMA LONDON has been an absolute pleasure. They have helped, cared and guided me through the first year of my career. I have been given opportunities that I had never dreamed of having. Linda and Chanel continuously care about their clients well being, and they are much more than an agency, they're family. I cannot recommend them highly enough. "

James Alexander | Voice Over Artist

PMA London (and Linda in particular) patiently talk through all of your questions. I feel listened to by a working professional. And I can confidently contact Linda seven days a week because I know that she won’t say, ‘Don’t worry darling’. Instead what I get is actual career feedback. I can now picture my future in theatre—I cannot wait to get my foot through the door and I know that Linda and PMA London will get me there."

Jessica Warshaw | Actor / Musician / Puppeteer

The positive energy, drive and enthusiastic culture at PMA London is a joy to be part of. In my time with them I have experienced first-hand the bench mark of authentic and consistent support. Linda and her team have kept me informed and primed to be my best at every opportunity."

Mario Frendo | Actor / Singer / Dancer

In the time that I have been part of PMA London Linda Bradley has demonstrated both diligence and consideration. She is not someone who treats her actors as commodities but instead has taken an interest in each step of my career by carefully researching the right opportunities. Linda is a successful actor herself. She understands the issues both actors and Casting Agents encounter. She is meticulous in asking for details, input and response. This sets an exemplary standard in terms of code and conduct of behaviour to the industry as a whole."

David Erdos | Actor / Director / Writer

Linda is a theatrical agent who strives for only the very best for all her clients and her positive, up-front and direct approach truly does get you through doors."

Jessica Aquilina | Actor

I have recently joined PMA London. I feel so excited about what the future holds because I have found more than an agent, rather a partnership. This is how it should be. With PMA London, honesty and openness are clearly important. This means that you are being put forward for the right work. This in turn allows you to shine. Linda works very hard for the people on her books. In return you want to work hard for her too. I feel looked after and listened to. This is the beginning of a long and fruitful professional relationship."

Lesley Layton | Actor

Linda is a phenomenal agent. Not only is she a positive, approachable lady but she is a solid professional. She is so reliable and supportive; she never fails to return telephone calls or reply to emails promptly—regardless of her busy schedule. Linda is a very personal agent and if you want an honest opinion on something she will give it—and even if you don’t want it, you still get it, which is great as you know exactly where you stand. Linda has given me so much backing. This makes me feel proud to be on her books. Having someone who wants your dreams to come true as much as you do is what you want in an agent and with Linda's guidance and continued support I have no doubt my dreams will come true."

Georgia McIntyre | Actor / Singer / Dancer

As a performer with several years of freelancing experience, I had taken my time to find an agent who was right for me, and Linda at PMA London is exactly that person. Her genuine interest and support for my work, both as performer and choreographer, has instantly helped put me in front of casting directors and companies I could not have hoped to reach alone. Plus, PMA London really have their finger on the pulse of social media, an invaluable tool in the today’s performing industry."

Jemma Gould | Dancer / Actor / Choreographer / Singer

I have only been working with Linda and Chanel for a short time and have been very impressed right from the start with their support, commitment and dedication. Not only have they already found me TOP opportunities but have also provided a huge amount of support in helping me to prepare; they really have gone above and beyond. PMA London are a joy to work with, they are some of the most positive, supportive, hard working and professional people I've met!"

Sally Davey | Actor

Although I have only recently joined PMA London, Linda and Chanel have been so helpful in organising my CV, new head shots & arranging auditions and castings for me. I have already booked a great project with the BBC. I feel I am finally with the right agents who will help me move my acting career forward. ""

Richard Issimdar | Actor

PMA London are the most hardworking agents I've ever encountered. Working 7 days a week, around the clock to ensure that they get you that all important audition. They are down to earth, to the point and genuinely care about their clients. I'm excited to carve my career with them."

Joanna A Reyes | Singer Actor Dancer

I feel very lucky to be represented by Linda and Chanel at PMA London. Their communication is excellent; any queries I've had, have been answered straight away. I always feel reassured that they are trying their best to find me acting jobs and it's a great partnership - open and honest!"

Maria Chandler | Actor

PMA London is a great agency! Linda is always  full of enthusiasm and has words of  wisdom and encouragement whatever the audition or job!"

Fergus McGovern | Actor

PMA London is more than an agency, we are a family. Not only do they work around the clock to get you opportunities, they always add a touch of love to everything they do. They care about my career as much I do and I couldn't have found such partnership elsewhere. I landed my first feature film role one week after signing to them and things can only get better from here. Definitely one of the best agencies out there"

Kennedy Aja | Actor

Excellence. Integrity. Passion. PMA London's byline is 100% true. Personally, I'd add honesty, belief and understanding to that list, because since joining this incredible agency, I've been supported, encouraged and inspired more than I ever thought possible. It is a real honour to work with them. Linda is an supremely talented performer as well as a wonderful agent, and I'm grateful every day to know that she and PMA London have as much faith in me as I do in them!"

Kim Hope | Actor / Stand up Comedienne

An Agent Actor relationship is one of the most crucial relationships you will ever have in your profession. It can make or break your career. You have to have 100% trust and have the same vision. I've only been signed for a matter of weeks and I can honestly PMA London go above and beyond in every aspect of what the title "Agent" involves. Yes they get me auditions and put me out there but it's the care, support and absolute devotion that really makes PMA London what it is. PMA London is run with absolute professionalism who work tirelessly for each and every one of their clients. I feel very lucky and proud to be signed with PMA London. Thank you for all that you do."

Ionica Adriana | Actor Dancer Singer

Joining PMA London earlier this year was one of the best decisions I've made. The team really gets to know who you are and what you want out of your career. At the core of PMA London is infectious passion and drive; the team really care about you; they take a personal interest in your professional development and are consistently offering professional opportunities to help you grow and showcase your talent."

Joshua Ford | Actor / Singer

Working with PMA London is a pleasure. Linda is a breath of fresh air who cares about you and your career. She will give you open and honest feedback and she is very caring at the same time and gives you lots of confidence and a hug if needed! Looking forward to a succesfull and rewarding future with everyone at PMA London."

Ingrid Hillbrink | Actor

After being with PMA London for only 2 weeks, Linda managed to book me a commecial! After a month, I'd already been to 4 castings including TV and Feature Film! This showed me how hard working Linda is and that I made the right decision to sign with PMA London! The communication with Linda is open, which I really appreciate. I feel proud to be part of the PMA London family!""

Julian Schaffner | Actor

Linda Bradley is a dream agent for any newbie actor. She will work hard for you so long as you make a consistent effort of shaping your brand and raising your bar to stay ahead of the game. I am very happy to forge a long business partnership with her in my acting career. I personally admire her personal touch and unique talent in helping her clients find their unique essence as an individual actor to help them achieve their acting goals as well as be commercially effective"

Anne Marzan | Actor specialising in Comedy acting and martial arts

I've been with Linda at PMA London since August 2016 so for 5 months and I have to say , I'm very happy with my choice of joining the agency. When I was looking for an agency to join and further my career, I wanted an agent who was there for the clients , someone who was easy to talk to and someone who made time on understanding me as an artist and on me as a person.I feel I definitely get that with Linda , the communication and honesty is great between us , I never feel like I'm chasing her up for answers on any of my queries and within the 5 months I've had great castings and Linda listens to what you want and we've worked very hard together pushing my career in the right direction."

Leonie Haynes-Moses | Actor

Linda is one of the most hard working people i have ever met or known. She constantly gives above and beyond support to her clients. She strives for perfection and to give casting directors the best talent she possibly can. Her range of knowledge about the industry is beneficial to all of her clients. As a client at PMA London, I feel that i have the best representation at the start of my career and look forward to continuing working with Linda at PMA London."

Matthew Tweedale | Actor / Dancer

Linda and Chanel are wonderful people and are extremely professional. They love you, support you and kick you in the butt with their honesty and that's what you need in an agent! They have everything that I'd expect from an agent. They have the strength, honesty, connections, personality and love, everything what makes an amazing person and a fabulous, skillful, competent, dedicated professional. I know they will always back me up! I love them with all my heart and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with these 'Super Women'. I am so lucky to be represented by PMA LONDON!"

Nora Goldbach | Actor

I love how PMA London offers a fresh, personal approach to working in the industry. I'm always comforted knowing Linda and Chanel are at the end of a phone call, literally 24/7! and I respect and appreciate that Linda is always 100% honest with me."

Anson Boon | Actor / Dancer

2 auditions in 18 months with my old agent. 5 in my FIRST month with PMA London! Linda is a dream. The support she offers is masterful, precise and without bells and whistles. She’ll give exactly what you put in….so make sure you put in a lot! A wonderful, exciting Agency and a pleasure to be a part of it!"

Cai Dale | Actor

I feel blessed to have Linda as my agent. She always has my best interests at heart when submitting me for castings. Her enthusiasm and trust means that I can ‘knock it out of the park’—every time. This keeps me feeling optimistic in an industry that can be challenging. I always feel energised after discussing my future with Linda, and especially now, with her guidance, I have turned my dreams into reality. "

Thomas Pitiris | Actor/Dancer



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